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I-zoom Solar Lights

The new i-zoom solar powered night beam light is a first-rate addition to your home security machinery, this light is new and is sealed between the earth and sky. I-zoom products that fit the night beam light category such as the i-zoom solar powered bow light and the i-zoom solar powered beam light.

Izoom Solar Lights

These solar lights are new pair of I Zoom solar flickering torch light sensor activated, they are part of a series of solar lights that help save energy and save your energy. I Zoom offers these solar lights to help you save energy and look peerless doing it, the lights can be used for illumination or to see in the dark. The magnetic outdoor solar lights are valuable addition to your home's outdoors, with built in light and motion sensor, these lights will never go out or need charged battery. These lights are sure to be a light show for your home and will always be safe and safe, is a new brand that renders come up with an unique and innovative solution to the problem of getting notched solar lights on strong posts or trees. Magnetic solar lights work well on both public and personal facility lights as well as some home built lights, the solar light system is straightforward to operate and seems to be very reliable. The light is uncomplicated to set up and is even easier to use, with the help of an aa or aaa battery, it can be set up in minutes. The light is sensitive to motion and imparts an on/off switch, it the I Zoom solar lights are splendid for either a small or large yard. These solar lights can light up your yard in minutes with a few cosmetics, the 2 piece cob motion sensor will keep you and your guests safe from nightmarish lights during dinner.