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Big Lots Patio Umbrella With Solar Lights

This big lots patio umbrella has 9ft of solar light power on offer. It's 8 ribs led outdoor crank tilt sunshade with 2 lights will give your patio an idea of how much light you need. And if you need more power, just add more lights.

Big Lots Patio Umbrella With Solar Lights Ebay

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Big Lots Patio Umbrella With Solar Lights Walmart

This big lots patio umbrella with solar lights is a great addition to your patio, and it is 4 pack so you can get lots of light. The umbrella has a cranking handle to keep it on track, and it is 9ft in length so it will light up your patio for hours. The led lights will quickly and easily add a touch of color to your patio, and thecrank tiled sunshade makes it perfect for shady areas. This umbrella has two rates of 11/12 and 16/9 light solar power, which means that you can use it at a set height from your home or office. Additionally, the parasol can be easily customized to your needs, features, and wants. So, whether you’re looking for a casual day out or a formal event, this umbrella has everything you need to make your day brighter. 5 lights that can be turned on or off as needed. It has a 2-pack design and it comes with 10 umbrellas. The umbrella solar light design is perfect for anyone looking for an umbrella that will light up the day during hours of need. The umbrella has 10x6. 5 meters of umbrello life, so it can be used multiple times before it needs to be replaced. The solar lights are a great addition to this means that people can read the sun up while walking or driving.